Monday, March 18, 2013

Gondor Pt 8

Sadly, this past weekend wasn't the most productive I've had in awhile.  I played in a small 750 point tournament on saturday that pretty much lasted the entire day.  I think all in all, I did alright.  It was my second time fielding my Gondorian army, and I now see where my strengths and weaknesses are in the army as a while.

I also tried to get two hero units done, only getting them base coated on friday, so they looked pretty bad on the table.  Unfortunately, most of the people playing in the tournament were rocking mostly gray plastic armies which looked terrible, hence the reason no pictures of the event were taken.  Sunday though, I got Cirion and Beregond fully painted.

I tried to follow the paint scheme Games Workshop showed in they're product page.  I think they came out really good.  The Beregond sculpt in-particular was extremely fun to paint, especially the face since it had really defined detail.  Cirion had a "Rocky" look to him, but the blending on the cloak really turned out good.

As a side note, my Winsor & Newton brushes finally came in today.  It's sad that as a 30 year old man, I get excited by new paint brushes, but these are supposed to be the Mercedes of paintbrushes.

Whats even more sad is I took a picture of them..... el oh el

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