Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Goblin King

I'm not crazy about this miniature, but he was one of those mini's that tends to humble you when you think your painting skills have progressed at a fast pace, only to come face to face with a model that you can't quite get to look the way you want it to.  I actually originally painted this miniature right before I started working on The Knight of the White Tower.  I wasn't all too thrilled with how he turned out since for some reason, every time I tried to dry brush him, the paint would almost like clump in patches, giving him an almost scaley like appearance.  I actually painted and stripped this particular model 3 different times.  My second attempt at him I ended up with him being way too pale to my liking as I went way too strong with the white highlights.  My third attempt I accepted the patchiness that my dry brushing kept producing and decided to go back and fourth with the different skin tones to show more contrast rather then a bad dry brushing.  Have a gander at him....

I think dry brushing is a good quick method, but it definitely has its drawbacks.  Over the past few months of painting, I think this model taught me many lessons that I hope will make me a better painter overall.

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