Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gondor Pt 9

I'm back.  Plainly said, summer was a bitch and extremely unproductive as far as hobbying goes.  Motivation for painting was basically all but gone.  I knew I'd eventually return to to painting table, so it's not like I was hanging up the towel or anything.  This winter season will hopefully be alot more productive and maybe I'll finish up one of these armies.  Then again, I don't think any army will ever be "completed" in a certain sense of the word.  I'm rambling, so I'll digress.

With that being said, I got a tournament coming up this weekend.  750 points per army for two armies (one good, one evil).  After making my lists, I realized I was short a few army of the dead, one shaman, and I needed to fabricate and attach a shield to Faramir.

Yesterday I dusted off the paints, moistened the winsor newtons, and got to work.  Just like riding a bicycle I think.  Anyway, here's what I accomplished....


Here's a little before (sorta).  I base coated the one on the left with a grayish blue mix (Shadow Grey and Dawnstone) while the others have a little brush-on primer ready to go.

 And here's the end result.  Not bad after a few months away.  Sure, I could've layered the paint, but a simple dry-brush is affective results too.  I just based the shaman (after accidentally gluing my hand to it as well), so I'll shoot a before shot and hopefully have the end result before Friday.

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