Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gondor Pt10

On Monday, I wanted to paint something.  After some considerate thought, I decided to finally finish the last 8 models from my Army of the Dead boxset I bought a few years back.  Anyways, take a gander....

This is them clipped right off the sprue.

Built and cleaned up

Here are the 8 all painted up

and here they all are... all 20 + the king

and thus ends my saga with the Army of the Dead..... or not.... we'll see.  It was a fun and easy unit to paint.  Not sure what I'm going to paint next, but we'll see.


  1. Those look good! Can you tell us your technique?

  2. It's a real easy paint scheme. I did a basecoat of a 60/40 mix of Shadow Grey/Dawnstone (really any dark bluish grey will work instead of Shadow Grey which is OOP), then a liberal coat of Beil-tan Green Shade, then an overbrush of Dawnstone, then a dry brush of Administratum Grey, and finally a light dry brush of Ulthuan Grey. The armor and steel weapons were just Leadbelcher with a wash of Nuln Oil followed by a real light dry brush of Ironbreaker. The lower facial hair was a light layer of Zamesi Desert after you dry brush the model with Adminstratum Grey and before Ulthuan Grey. I had to go back and define the contours in the facial hair with Beil-tan green for most of the models.

    The bulk of the work is just dry brushing levels of gray. I'd recommend using a flat head dry brush over a GW circular one. Another thing to point out is I dry brushed sidewise, left to right for the last two colors of gray since those are the two that pop. I've found that I get a better result dry brushing drooping cloth when you do it this way.

    Hope that helps.