Friday, November 22, 2013

Grim Hammers Finished

As promised, I managed to finish something when I said I was going to finish it.  Well, technically I finished painting these guys earlier yesterday evening but I wanted to throw a little anti-shine on them before I took pictures, so yeah.  Anyways, enough babbling, onto pictures.

Figured we'd start with a semi overhead view.

So there is a few pictures of the grim hammer captain.  I thought he turned out pretty decent.....

Groups of 4 to show off a little individual flavor with them.

And the last 2 final group shots I took.

All in all, this was a pretty fun unit to paint.  I decided to paint they're beards all different colors since all having brown just seemed rather boring to me.  I also decided to paint they're tunics blue to give them a little bit of color.  So that's my first unit done for my Erebor Army.  We're on schedule for Adepticon 2014.

Up next......

Stay tuned!


  1. Looking good! I must admit I haven't been able to follow all updates on all blogs, so pardon me if you've already mentioned this: In what state was the captain, with regards to him being in finceast? I have seen so many not-so-good examples of FC that I steer away from models made in that material, but this model looks pretty nice.

  2. Update: Read through the backlog of updates and we seem to be on the same track with failcast :/

    1. I usually try to purchase finecast from the store where I can visibly inspect the model before I throw any money down for it. It's at the very least getting a little better. I'm no longer running into failcast where half the mini's head is missing and warped, but they still have a long way to go. The main issues I had with the Grim Hammer Captain was the weapon being brittle and bent, the arm pointing shoulder didn't fit the body correctly, and excess resin on the front armor plates. Not the worst I've seen, but not the best either.

      Thanks for the comments.