Monday, January 26, 2015

Bolg, Castellan of Mount Gundabad

And now here's another update.  My nephew came over not this past weekend, but the weekend before that and had a model I hadn't gotten my greedy hands on yet.  Good ole' Castellan Bolg that was recently released last month.  He asked if I would paint it for him, and it looked like a fun model, so I gave it a go.  Here are the results....

I think they turned out pretty good.  Painting pale orcs is something new to me, so I experimented with the skin tones for about a day, trying to find a color palette that looked good to me.  I eventually went with the Vampiric Skin triad from reaper as it had that purplish undertone that looks really good with a diluted Reikland Fleshshade.  I actually prefer the reddish eyes on the feral wargs as I think it gives them a more sinister tone.  I also spent some time on the rocky bases (and an entire tube of cheap superglue).

One thing you might notice if you look closely, is his left eye has no pupil.  I didn't realize this until I looked at a few pictures of the movie version of Bolg.  I had actually already painted the eyes on the foot model and had to go back after I had finished the model.

Hopefully you guys enjoy the pics.  Now I need to get cracking on my Adepticon monster army which I haven't even started.... Yikes!

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  1. The model reminds me a bit of a white Omar from "The Wire" :D

    But in all seriousness, very well painted, of course. I was not aware that he came with the new oval base.