Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Elusive Shade

A little story first.....

Last year at Adepticon I was looking around at this one area that sells loose and OOP miniatures, as well as bargin bin stuff, painted stuff, and various other products.  It's one of my favorite areas to browse thru when I go to adepticon.  So, I was slumming thru the "LOTR Bin" on the first day of the Convension, most of the miniatures in the bin being in little plastic bags with a "$2" or "$1" price written on the bag with a black marker.  They also have a few loose blister packs swimming in the bin as well.  As I was browsing, I grabbed one of the blister packs to look at, and what do I behold??

The Shade.....  the elusive shade that went OOP with the first or second batch of LOTR products from GW that were discontinued.  I had been looking for this model for over a year and all I could find were ebay auctions with an $80+ price tag on it.  Sorry, but $80 dollars for one miniature is a bit crazy to pay for any one model that isn't riding a dragon or is a huge monster.  Alas, I had the elusive shade in my hands with a price tag of $8.  I quickly snatched it, paid for it, and shoved it in my bag.

Time passed, and I had never painted it for some reason.  I had put it together, primed it, and left it in my bin until this past weekend.  So here He/She/It is....

So I'll admit, it's not my best work, but I think it looks pretty cool and I got to play with blending techniques.  All in all, should be a fun model to throw behind my lines to lower the enemies fight value.  I might in the future attempt my own Shade conversion with a mix of Warhammer and LOTR products.  We'll see though as I have mountains of pewter before me that need to be put to the brush.  Enjoy!

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  1. Congrats on the find! I had no idea this one went OoP! I am quite sure my FLGS got one of these bad boys... might just go and check it out, even though I was never a big fan of it... (good ol' scarcity rule).

    Super smooth paint job, by the way! Nice!