Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Undying

This will be my third named Ringwraith and will complete my 750 point army for Adepticon 2015 March to Mount Doom Madness (this Saturday).  I kind of waited till last minute to paint this guy as painting Ringwraith for me is extremely boring and rather unrewarding as far as the finished product goes.  I have been painting other things between this post and my last post, but nothing that is 100% complete.  I figure after Adepticon is over, I should have ample enough time to complete all the projects I've been working on recently (mainly some Blightkings for Warhammer and some Riders of Rohan in which 3 of the 6 are done).

Anyhew, here are some pictures of the Undying.

Again, painting black is a bitch for me for some reason.  I really do need more work when it comes to painting this color.  I do like the contrasting red though as it brings more color to the piece.  Also, I think I've figured out the whole concept with painting horses, as it's more subtle highlighting rather than stark muscular beast due to the hair.  I'll be posting some army pictures soon hopefully, so expect another update in a day or two.

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