Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring time for Nurgle

This is actually a very fitting update for me as for the past week.  Papa Nurgle and his cohorts have had me in a headlock this past week.  This probably wouldn't seem to be surprising as it's spring time and most people get sick around this time of year with the changing of weather patterns and spring coming into full swing.  Pollen flies and shit grows and people get sick.  This is actually an oddity for me as I rarely ever get sick, let alone bed ridden for almost 5 days.  Needless to say, it sucked and I didn't get much of anything done besides increasing the stock price of Kleenex and Robitussin while I burned through my precious PTO days.  I can honestly say I hadn't been that sick in over 10+ years, and I'm still coughing and dealing with the residual effects.  Damn you Papa Nurgle.... DAMN YOU!!!

As I said before, this is a very fitting update as I actually managed to finish the last miniature of first box of Blightkings tonight that I recently purchased.  I've never painted anything "Nurglish" or even anything that was designed to be extremely gross to look at, so it was challenging at first.  GW actually has a pretty good video on youtube where Duncan goes over the general basics on how to paint one of these guys.  I basically followed his color scheme, minus the armor in which I opted for a more traditional vibrant olive palette over the darker one that he uses.  If anyone is curious, just type in "Blightkings" in the youtube search on it should be one of the first videos that pops up.

So here are the first 5 blightkings I did up with another 7 to go....

The one in the middle has to be my favorite one so far

So there we go, 5 Blightkings ready to go.  I had a lot of fun painting these guys.  Doing the corrosion on the weapons, the boils, the puss effects, and the skin bruising was something pretty new to me.  I especially liked doing the bruising effects on the pale skin as it's a really easy technique to use with just diluting your washes, letting them dry,  and slowly building it up over time.  It's like glazing, but with washes and I have a new appreciation of lahiman medium.  I've tried to dilute washes before, but I usually ended up with a streaky look which just look awful.  Lahiman medium allows you to dilute and keep the same properties of whatever color/washes your using.  Fantastic stuff. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and expect to see some more Warhammer Warriors of Chaos in the near future.

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