Sunday, May 3, 2015

The First Maggoth Lord, Orghotts Daemonspew

Before I begin with anything, lets talk about last weekend's painting competition.  So I came in 3rd place for my Necron Overlord.  It seems facebook voting was my downfall.  Maybe I need more friends... mehh.

Now, to the point of this entry.  I've spent the last 2 weeks putting together, cleaning, filling gaps, and painting this guy, The Maggoth Lord Orghotts Daemonspew.  Here he is in all his disgusting maggot infested glory.

This model was a lot of fun and I hope I did it justice.  There are so many little details on this miniature from the maggots and grotesques bits, to the horns and metal work.  I followed GW's paint scheme on this model, only deviating from it on a few bits here and there.  I wanted to do a little something extra with the base, as he's a lord and all.  I decided to prop him up on rocks and throw a few skeletons under him.  For some odd reason, I really like using skeletons on these hero/lord characters.  All in all, I'm quite pleased with the way he turned out.

So what's up next, maybe another Maggoth Lord?  Maybe some Nurgle Chaos Warriors?  Maybe some LOTR stuff?  Maybe a Freeblades Band?  Maybe some odd ball Chaos thing?  Who knows?  Thanks for looking!

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