Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Adepticon 2017 Overview

So I had this huge blog post written up describing my experience and thoughts about Adepticon 2017 in detail.  After re-reading it this morning, I decided to delete it and do a short condensed version.  I'm sure most people who visit here could care less about me bitching about Adepticon classes, or my thoughts about the "painting elitist club" outside the classrooms that's turning into a staple at show.  Yeah, I hate cliques so nothing new there.  In all honesty, I'm not sure how I even feel about half of it.

It was a "Frostgrave heavy" show for me, with smatterings of Konflikt 47' and Necromunda mixed in.  I snagged 3 awards, 2 for best painted, 1 for best general.  I haven't played Necromunda since the 90's, so it was a shock to me that I took 2nd place overall.  I also helped my buddy Brent run 10-man Frostgrave battle Saturday night which was a lot of fun.  On Sunday I played a Frostgrave wizard death match with Ash the host of Guerrilla Miniatures (a youtube channel I regularly frequent).  I got to show that the Sigilist can be just as lethal as any other wizard with the correct spell load out and walked away with a box of cultists for my trouble.  I think Osprey made a wise decision in bringing Ash into the mix at Adepticon.  He was a lot of fun to be around.

Myself hanging with the famous Duncan Rhodes

Our 10-man Saturday Night Frostgrave Game

My awards for Adepticon 2017.  I took best painted in Frostgrave and Konflikt 47', and 2nd place overall in Necromunda

I took 2 classes.  One with Duncan Rhodes from Games Workshop's Warhammer TV which was awesome, one with Francesco Farabi (a 2017 Crystal Brush winner) which was awful.  The terrible lighting situation in the classrooms at Adepticon has reached a point where I refuse to sign up for any more classes until it is fixed.  Mr. Farabi is a fantastic painter, but his teaching style just doesn't work for me at all.

I got to hang out with Joseph McCullough (the author of Frostgrave and reader of my blog) for a few hours.  It was awesome getting to know him and ask him questions about his game.  It was refreshing how honest and down to earth he was.  Thanks for spending time with us at Adepticon, and thanks for letting me invade your "build and paint" event and swipe like 20 models.  It was a great time.

All in all, Adepticon 2017 was a blast.  Sure, the classroom lighting situation needs to be rectified, but I think from now on I will be playing in these smaller half day tournaments at Adepticon.  I look forward to Adepticon 2018.  If you are even remotely into miniatures, this is the place you need to be.


  1. Thanks for the write up! Looks like you had fun. I live in SE WI and am annually tempted by Adepticon but still have never attended. Maybe when my kids are older...

    1. No problem! You know, you don't actually have to spend the entire weekend or even pay for a badge. A lot of guys with younger kids will just go for like 1 day to browse the vendor hall and check out the action on the tables. Just some food for thought next year.

  2. Congrats Dave, I was around saturday for few hours but unfortunately didnt see you. Lets see that winning frostgrave warband!..

    1. Thanks John! Yeah, I heard you were around on Saturday. Sadly, I didn't show up until around 4pm that day. Sorry I missed you, would've been great to catch up.

      My Frostgrave warband is broken up into pieces on my blog, but I do have to take some photos of my Konflikt 47' monsters this weekend. I'll pop a few photos of the warband in it's entirety and post them sometime next week.

  3. Hey Dave, it was a great show, wasn't it! I loved having some time to just hang out and chat. Hope to see you again next year.