Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Frost Worm

I actually had a lot of fun painting this creature.  This is from Reaper Miniatures, part of the bones series.  I think I ended up picking up two of these guys for like $2.99.  Bones are interesting to paint.  Sometimes you end up with a really shitty casting, sometimes you end up with a pretty decent one.

Like I've said in the past, the worst part of bones is cleaning mold lines due to the fact that since it's soft plastic, you can't just scrape it away.  You have to cut it off.  Thankfully on this model, I had no issues and everything worked out pretty good.  Take a look

I wanted to do this one up as a frost worm for Frostgrave since Northstar/Frostgrave doesn't produce an official one.  Hence the reason I went with Reaper.  The model reminded me a lot of the frost worms in Shining Force for something reason (early 90's SRPG for the uninitiated, and one of my favs)  Again, this model was a joy to paint.  I used a drybrush glazing method for the bulk of it which is what I've been doing for a lot of these big bulky monsters lately.

See you on the next one!


  1. I wrote them into the game specifically to have an excuse to use that model!

    1. Good call. When I saw the entry in the main rule book, I immediately thought of this model as well.