Friday, March 17, 2017

The most ridiculous creature in Frostgrave

Imagine, your exploring a ruined city in the frozen north.  A frozen city that is beginning to thaw out and all manner of evil is awakening along with all manner of treasure now being accessible.  You and your buddies turn a corner and you are faced with a terrifying beast charging right at you.  And that beast my friends..... is a giant albino ape.

Yep, a gigantic ferocious albino ape. I dunno.  It's an interesting choice for an NPC in Frostgrave.  I can't really knock it.  I've played hundreds of RPG's, rocked more hours than I care to admit rolling dice fighting fantastical creatures whether it be via D&D or miniatures, but I can't ever recall fighting an albino ape.  I think the only other reference to them I've ever seen was in the movie Congo back in the late 90's.  Either way, it put a grin on my face.  Here's the model I painted up.

I tried to follow examples from Northstar that I saw.  I think he turned out good.  Sure, I could've gave him a bare butt, but that would've been too funny.  I mean, it's already hilarious to think of a gigantic albino ape running on the board and dry humping one of your guys.  Either way, it made me laugh and was a fun model to paint.

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