Friday, March 17, 2017

The most ridiculous creature in Frostgrave

Imagine, your exploring a ruined city in the frozen north.  A frozen city that is beginning to thaw out and all manner of evil is awakening along with all manner of treasure now being accessible.  You and your buddies turn a corner and you are faced with a terrifying beast charging right at you.  And that beast my friends..... is a giant albino ape.

Yep, a gigantic ferocious albino ape. I dunno.  It's an interesting choice for an NPC in Frostgrave.  I can't really knock it.  I've played hundreds of RPG's, rocked more hours than I care to admit rolling dice fighting fantastical creatures whether it be via D&D or miniatures, but I can't ever recall fighting an albino ape.  I think the only other reference to them I've ever seen was in the movie Congo back in the late 90's.  Either way, it put a grin on my face.  Here's the model I painted up.

I tried to follow examples from Northstar that I saw.  I think he turned out good.  Sure, I could've gave him a bare butt, but that would've been too funny.  I mean, it's already hilarious to think of a gigantic albino ape running on the board and dry humping one of your guys.  Either way, it made me laugh and was a fun model to paint.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Zombie Troll/Ogre

This next model is from Mantic Games Dungeon Saga board game.  I actually never bought the board game (though I watched a few play-throughs on youtube and it looked pretty cool).  I mentioned this miniature to my friend Brent who got in on that kickstarter and had a few extra models, so he gave me this bad boy.  It was affixed to a square base that I cut off him.  It's also that soft plastic material (think reaper bones, but a little harder), though I'm not sure what it's called.  All I know is removing mold lines from it is a paint in the ass.  Either way, it's still a cool model.  Here is my attempt at painting him...

Other than the prep time going into the painting, I had a lot of fun painting this guy.  I love all the muscle and bone sticking out.  As I was painting it, it was challenging to identify where the muscle was sticking out of the skin in particular areas.  Either way, it's a really cool model.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Frost Worm

I actually had a lot of fun painting this creature.  This is from Reaper Miniatures, part of the bones series.  I think I ended up picking up two of these guys for like $2.99.  Bones are interesting to paint.  Sometimes you end up with a really shitty casting, sometimes you end up with a pretty decent one.

Like I've said in the past, the worst part of bones is cleaning mold lines due to the fact that since it's soft plastic, you can't just scrape it away.  You have to cut it off.  Thankfully on this model, I had no issues and everything worked out pretty good.  Take a look

I wanted to do this one up as a frost worm for Frostgrave since Northstar/Frostgrave doesn't produce an official one.  Hence the reason I went with Reaper.  The model reminded me a lot of the frost worms in Shining Force for something reason (early 90's SRPG for the uninitiated, and one of my favs)  Again, this model was a joy to paint.  I used a drybrush glazing method for the bulk of it which is what I've been doing for a lot of these big bulky monsters lately.

See you on the next one!