Monday, December 9, 2013

The Dwarves of Erebor

I think I've literally spent 5 minutes trying to think of something to type as an opener to this entry instead of "So.......".  Meh, who cares.  Anyway, I spent the last week and a half working on these bad boys.  I think they turned out really good, and I definitely learned a few things as far as painting faces, eyes, and cloth goes.

I'll let my work say the rest....

We'll start off with a generic shot with the captain upfront

I really like how the one in the centers face turned out

Note the added runes on the shield

So I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.  A few minor conversions with the spear guys to make them hold both spear and shield.  Looking back at some of my previous work than looking at these, I can see I'm getting better even if it doesn't feel like I am while I'm painting them.

You'll also notice that I painted each one with a different color scheme.  Personally, I think some armies look really good with the same color scheme, but some look really good all being different from one another.  I think this adds a personal touch to each miniature.  I also added some runes on the shields.  Not sure how I feel about it yet...

Up next....?

I think I have my painting cut out for me.  Next sprue, every guy holding an axe will be holding a spear instead and every guy holding a spear will be hold an axe.  Add a little variety to this army.  Still need to pick up young Balin and Dwalin.

What do you guys think?  Comments appreciated.....


  1. These are excellent. I'm working on mine too at present. I'm not sure that plastic really works for long hair and beards though!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I should have my next unit finished in the next two days or so. I got about 3 left that I realized needed more greenstuff after I had primed them. I'm still pretty new to weapon swaps and ligature repositioning.

      I definitely hear you on the beards, though the new plastics are leaps better than the older box-sets.