Sunday, February 26, 2017

Some Constructs

Up next from the Northstar's Frostgrave metal miniature line up we have some constructs.  I decided I wanted my constructs to look a bit more magical then how I've seen other people paint them, so I opted to give them glowing eyes.  I think the effect really adds to their overall appearance.  Take a look...

The one with the blue glowing eyes is the medium construct and the one with the green glowing eyes is the large construct.  I tried to add a little dark red rune to the large construct, but it didn't really pop like I would've hoped.  I probably should've went with a more gray-brown color.  Also, I think they should've made the large construct bigger.  It's just a little wider than the medium construct, and the medium construct is basically the same size as a normal soldier.  Anyhew, I think they turned out pretty good.  I didn't get a chance to paint the small construct yet, but that should be coming along shortly.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Thief and Barbarian

I think out of all the metal miniatures Northstar produced for Frostgrave, the original barbarian and thief blister pack is my favorite, particularly the barbarian.  I don't know why, I just really dig the model and had to have it when I saw it.  Here are my painted up versions....

I tried to do the figures justice, and I think I succeeded.  I basically just copied the color scheme from blister pack example.  Doing the blue stripes on the barbarians paints was a lot of fun and I think it turned out really good.  It really makes the model pop.  I also added a skull because skulls are cool.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Metal Soldiers for Frostgrave

So here we have some metal Northstar miniatures.  It interesting that they make a high quality plastic box to pretty much make the bulk of the basic soldier types, then they have all these different metal blister packs for specific types of soldiers.

Here is the Knight....

Here is the templar

And finally we have one of the many captains....

and here is all 3 together

So there you have it.  The knight was an interesting model to paint.  I used one of my space wolf transfers for the icon on the shield.  I think I should've probably used a lighter color as the black doesn't really stand out against the dark purple.  Also the wooden pattern on the inside of the shield was all free-hand due to it just being a smooth surface.  The captain's face was really bad (hence the angle I put him at in the pictures).  Half of his face was higher than the other half, and there really is no way to fix that.

Anyhew, that's it for now.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Necromancer

For my next duo of wizards for Frostgrave, I decided to paint up The Necromancer and his apprentice from the Northstar Miniatures line.  While these are not my favorite looking models, I like the spell load out in the game for them and since I had already bought the models I decided I would paint them up and play around with painting light flesh tones.

Here are the end results.....

One thing I've learned with very light skin is you really have to thin your paints.  With most paints, a 50/50 ratio will work.  With light skin, you almost want to do like an 80/20 water to paint ratio.

Lots of black in these models and I still struggle painting black.  I guess my main issue is when trying to highlight (whether I use gray for a warm highlight or blue for a cold highlight), I have issues trying to figure out when enough is enough.  When I first started painting miniatures as an adult, that was one of my biggest hurdles.  Over highlight and you've completely changed the original color, under highlight and your model looks like shit.  Oh well, it's something I will continue to work on.