Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Dead Trees Rise!

Last February, I posted a picture of some citadel wood trees in the very beginnings of work.  Here is that picture in case anyone is curious and doesn't want to go 4 pages back.

As you can see, its minimal work I did on these.  Basically all I did was cut from the sprue, cleaned up a little bit, and some milliput to cover the seams.  Last night, I didn't really feel like painting any dwarves, but I wanted to paint.  I did a bit more work on the trees since that picture was taken, and they were primed and ready to go.  Here is the outcome of last nights work.

I opted to go with a dead look to these trees.  I remember reading a white dwarf awhile back and saw a picture with a ton of these white looking citadel trees, and I wanted to replicate this.  I cut some bases out for them, added a bit of mixed sand, and a few extra features to give it my own flavor.

Nothing says awesome quite like a bunch of skeletons laying about.  I believe I bought a box off the wargame factory which has some awesome (and cheap) skellys to add to any bland terrain item to give it that awesome battle-hardened look.  I think they're heroic 28mm scale, so they'll work with most games.  I'm thinking about tossing some more money down and buying another 3 boxes of citadel wood to do a whole dead forest.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.

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  1. They do look nice, and I'd love to see what you could do with a few more!