Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A new section of the underhive opens up

A few months back, a childhood friend came back into my life after 20+ years.  That friend helped knock the doors of the hinges for me when it came to miniatures.  That friend would be called Necromunda.  Maybe it's the nostalgic factor clouding my vision, but I seriously can't get enough of this game.

When the new edition came out, I was little bummed out at first that the focus seemed to be more "board game-ish" with the new edition being tile-based until I saw that they were doing supplements to allow games to be played on 3d terrain in the classic Necromunda style.  After giving the rules a once over, the underhive portion of the game looked pretty cool.  The only problem was that instead of actually having walls there was black boxes on the tiles to indicate that there was a wall.  To me, that seemed like a missed opportunity for GW to sell some badass terrain.  Fear not, for a 3rd party picked up the slack. 

Enter Death Ray Design's mdf kit Deadbolt Derelict..

Cat not included
 Forgive me for being overly dramatic.  It's a pretty cool kit.  Actually, the door parts are a separate kit.  I bought this around December sometime, built it on one of those nights I didn't feel like painting, and then I've been painting it off and on for about 2-3 weeks.  The bulk of this work was done with spray paints.  Spent a few night blobbing on Liqutex Burnt Umber and drybrushing ryza rust.  I can't take credit for the paint scheme, as I pretty much followed Twilightemporium.net's blog word for word.  I think it turned out fantastic and I can't wait to throw down some underhive in the next few weeks using this stuff.

Thanks for checking it out!


  1. Oh, that's very nice. I've got a simpler set, but it really enhances the game. I'm actually thinking I prefer this brutal corridor fighting to the 'traditional' catwalk battles.

    1. Thanks Barks. I've only played the Gang War version, so I'm looking forward to trying Underhive in the next week or so. Should be entertaining.