Sunday, September 14, 2014


I actually got something accomplished all in one weekend that didn't spill over into Monday thru Friday.  It's also actually been a few weeks since I painted any miniatures exclusively for myself.

So I picked this little kit up last weekend and cracked it open last Thursday night.  For a finecast set, I was actually impressed with the quality.  The resin itself felt like something from Forgeworld instead of that brittle shit I've gotten used to with Games Workshop Finecast.  Minimal greenstuff was needed and cleaning it up took less than an hour.  As far as the newer Finecasts go, I can honestly say the QA department is actually doing they're jobs.  Kudos to you GW QA guys.....  though your price-points still suck.

That being said, lets take a look at Beorn in man form and bear form...

These two models were a joy to paint.  I experimented with the skin tones on Beorn the Man, using a darker skin palette then I'm used to.  I wanted his flesh to be a bit more tanned and bronzed than when I usually paint flesh.  I ended up using some glazing techniques to tie it all together towards the end as my brush strokes were a bit too visible for my tastes.  My goal was to get him looking as close to the box cover as I could with a little bit of a dark tone.  I think I succeeded in this.

As for the bear, well I though his base was a bit too plain, so I sculpted the stone from the cork and covered my seams with some fine sand giving it a very realistic texture.  The bear mainly consisted of a little dry brushing and very minimal layering on the face, tongue, claws, and teeth.  It's a very easy model to paint and even a beginner could get fantastic results with little effort.  I put the flower on the base to add a little color to the piece and I think he turned out pretty good.

That's it for now....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

OOP Warhammer Watchtower

This entry will be a less wordy than my usual entries on this blog partly due to the fact that it's almost bedtime and I wanted to put this up sometime this weekend.  I decided last weekend to do a terrain project since my pile of unfinished terrain is starting to stack up.  I chose to do the OOP Watchtower.  I was hoping this would be a quick project, but alas, it took me over a week to finish.

I went back in time with the photography on this one due to the fact that it really doesn't fit good in my light box.  I don't think the cluttered desk takes away from the piece, but you be the judge of that.

It was a fun project to paint.  The little bits here and there were a little frustrating, but for a piece I mainly dry brushed, it turned out much better than I thought it would.  Thanks for viewing my work.