Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knight of the White Tower

It's been a rather busy few days since I last posted.  I spent a little time last week working on a few things and prepping for Adepticon which was last weekend.  All I have to say is Adepticon was fantastic.  Great people, tons of things to look at, tons of games to play, and I couldn't help but feel sad when the vendors starting packing things up on Sunday at two o'clock.  I didn't do too hot in the LOTR Championship tournament that Saturday, but regardless, it was still an awesome time.  My only regret is I didn't sign up for any of the classes or play in any other sanctioned games besides LOTR.  There's always next year, and I'm itching to paint my Necromunda gang when I get a chance.

So with the start of this week, I started working on my Knight of the White Tower model that's been sitting on my backlog for awhile now.  Due to the failure of Finecast, his face was horribly messed up.  Part of his nose and eye-socket had an mold line/air bubble (failcast strikes again!) and sadly my skills at sculpting to try and fix him up only resulted in making him look like a deformed caveman.  Alas, he's been sitting on my shelf until I picked him up Monday and did the only humane thing I could think of..... sawing off his head and replacing it with another one.

I was a little worried about the scale to begin with since LOTR/The Hobbit miniatures are 28mm true scale while most 28mm models are heroic scale.  I've had good luck with Wargame Factory products converting nicely with true scale models, so I bought a bunch of heads off ebay of they're historical lines (somewhere around 100 heads for around $20 +shipping).  At first it looked like it was a little big compared to the body, but after I slapped a little paint on it, it seemed to work pretty good.  I'll let you guys be the judge

All in all, I think he turned out pretty good.  With the new head on him, he really has a cool unique look to him.  I didn't like how on the box art, Games Workshop painted him with a rather pale skin-tone, so I gave him more color, but kept in the theme of the old "experienced" swordmaster and painted his hair to that of an older gentleman.  I also didn't quite care for the stock helm with the olive leaves on it, so I think things turned out for the best in this situation.

I still have a bunch of heads left, so I'm planning on converting some of my Men of Minas Tirith over to veterans.  Beats paying $15 for 3, and one of those three you get (the archer) is pretty useless with bow limits and rangers being a more viable option.

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