Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feral Uruk-Hai

I've seen a few (or maybe one) person has noticed and commented on my month long break.  I'm actually flattered that someone even took note, which means someone might be digging my work.  At first it was just going to be a little break, but kind of turned into a little longer than I expected when work responsibilities kind of took over.

To answer the one persons question, I've been playing a few different games in my off time.  I beat Borderlands and Borderlands 2 back to back, then decided to actually replay and beat Starcraft 2.  I dabbled in The Witcher 2 which is an awesome game, but unfortunately lost interest around Chapter 3 so I'll eventually jump back into it soon.  The past 2 weeks I've been playing Eve Online with Odyssey being released.  The cool thing about Eve is I can mine and paint at the same time, or mine and watch a movie/documentary.  I'm also currently salivating while waiting for Shadowrun Returns to be released which will hopefully be soon.

Anyhew, most people who visit my blog aren't too interested in my video game tastes, so onto what I've been working on recently.  I officially end my month long hiatus and present to you guys my Feral Uruk-Hai....

A little WIP for the curious
Finished Product Front
Finished Product Back
My favorite mini of the 3.

I know its not a big update and I haven't finished the other 3 yet, but I thought these guys turned out pretty good and worth showing off.  I'm trying to go with thinner layers to give more subtle highlights, which takes a bit longer than my usual methods.  Let me know what you guys think.

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