Monday, April 21, 2014

"Build-O-Thon" week or "I didn't feel like painting really"

Yes, another quirky title, but it really sums up the past week or so since I've posted last.

Rather than entertaining that thought just yet, I want to talk about something else.  Being as vain as I am, I usually check my blog once a day or even every other day, just to see if anyone has stumbled across my little dark corner on the interwebz.  I really do appreciate the feedback when people leave it, and it oddly enough brightens my day just a touch.  I'm going to make a mental note to try and leave more feedback for other people.

That being said, I noticed the other day my view count skyrocketed, and I figured someone either was really checking out my blog or I forgot to turn off my "Don't tally my visits" (or something along those lines) button again.  I really didn't think much of it until I went to visited the Adepticon website to check the results of the LotR tournament.  Apparently, my humble little blog is listed on the front-page of the Adepticon website along with a couple others under "Coverage".  I have to say, not only does it make sense as to why my view count skyrocketed, but it also gave me a little warm fuzzy inside.  Kudos and my sincere thanks to whoever listed me up there.  It's the little things that tend to brighten your day a little bit.

Lets get back to my overly quirky title.  Looking over all my new toys I bought at Adepticon, I felt a classic case of "Oh shit, I have way too much to paint" syndrome.  I'm not sure if anyone has ever felt that, but I tend to get that after I buy 100+ models and don't know what I want to get started on first.  I tend to sit in my chair, looking at all my cool new stuff as ideas float through my head.... and I just end up sitting there.  After 2 days of this, I looked to my shelves of things I've been collecting over the past few years, and still having the terrain building bug, I decided to crack open a few of my GW terrain boxes that have been accumulating dust and actually glue some things together.  After about a week or so of cutting, cleaning, scrapping mold lines, and gluing my fingers together, this is what appeared....

Holy gray batman, its the same color as half of the armies being played down at the local GW store.  I know, I know, low blow... but seriously kids, paint your damn models!  So in the picture we got the Tower, Chuch, Witchfate Tor, Dreadstone Blight, Deathknell Watch, and a few shitty Uruk Beserkers a gave up on halfway thru painting.  Some of these kits were pretty easy to put together while others were a bitch (lookin' at you Witchfate Tor).

Seriously, that Witchfate Tor was a pain to put together.  Of course the box I got had the directions for the Dreadstone Blight instead of the intended kit, but I'm an engineer by profession (land surveyor to be specific).  I've built some of the toughest models in the GW catalog.  I conquered both the Watcher in the Deep and the Beast of Gorgoroth before the recall.... yet this kit had me questioning my own abilities.  Being a grown adult and having trouble with this kit, I can't imagine some kid getting this for Christmas, then trying to fiddle his way through it.  I think that would constitute as child abuse in some states.  It was a pain to put together due to multi-level design and the floors having to be put together perfectly for the walls to fit snug around them.  On one level I have 10mm gaps between two of the pieces that are going to need alot of TLC before I even slap any primer on.  Also, the floor design to make it fit snugly into the previous floor was poor designing.  I'm thinking of magnetizing it so I can control the fit.  I have a feeling many weeks of time will being going into that piece.

So with having built what you see there, I still have a few more kits that need to be cracked open.  When GW stopped producing a few of they're terrain pieces, I went on a buying frenzy to get as much as I could afford.  Sadly, I've run out of room in my workspace to build anything else that is large until I finish some of what I have.  If that isn't motivation, then I don't know what is.

Also, I mentioned the uruk beserkers on purpose.  I actually finished those 3 that were on my desk when I took that picture.

Not my best work, but I can also say that it's not GW's best work either.  You figure I bought these right when finecast came out.  Yep, major flaws in these guys which is why I've attempted 4 times to paint them and gave up.  I finally said "fuck it" and just went for it.  For what they are, they didn't turn out as badly as I thought they would.  3 down, hundreds to go..... ugh....

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