Sunday, July 20, 2014

Something a little different

Before I start this, let me first tell you that I have no idea what line of miniatures this one is from.  I bought this miniature probably around 1995/1996 back when I had about a grand total of $10 to my name.  It's a pre-slotta miniature, so it's probably from sometime between the mid-80's to the mid 90's,  Ral Partha's TSR series or maybe even the Grenadier miniature line.  I looked around the web to no avail, so if anybody has any idea I would be most intrigued to know.

Getting back on track, I painted this miniature back in the 90's originally, and it turned out terrible.  When I rediscovered my love of the hobby, he was one of the many that got the simple green treatment, and then sat in my drawer for the next few years.  While taking yet another break from the fellowship projected, I wanted to paint something different when I stumbled upon him.  I always thought this guy looked cool, so I had a crack at him.  Here are the results.


He really was a joy to paint.  I wanted to practice layering metals and he really proved to be a good model to do just that.  I wasn't sure how I wanted to base him, and since I have an over abundance of 25mm circle bases, I figured that would work fine.  I'm pretty sure I'll never use him in gameplay, but after spending years in my parents attic, he deserved a worthy paintjob.  I believe I did just that.

On a side note, after I painted him I realized he looked a lot like a warrior wearing the Dungeon Set 1 in World of Warcraft.  Take a gander for yourself.

Maybe it's because of the gold trim.  I dunno, but it reminded me of the Valor set.

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