Saturday, March 21, 2015

March to Mount Doom Madness Adepticon 2015 Army

As I said in my last post, I wanted to post a few pictures of my full army that I'll be bring to Adepticon 2015 March to Mount Doom Madness which starts in approximately 6 hours from now.  Take note that the rules for building an army for this particular tournament is 750 points and under 20 models, hence the low model count and the stacking of the Ringwraiths.

Basically, the design behind this army is to kill heroes.  Since this is a low model count tournie, I'm going to be taking on big heroes.  I figure the Dwim and Undying can shut people down while maintaing a supporting role while the Witchking, Troll Chieftain, and Knight of Umbar can do all the front line lifting.  The only issues I really for-see is either Galadrial going on a banishing frenzy (in which case I'll have to throw everything at her right away to shut her down), and/or running into a large (15-20 model count) medium hero cost army where I won't be able to protect my back support and I'll get overwhelmed.  My front line fighters are going to have to kill quickly if I run into anything of that nature.  I think it's a pretty good list as far as the parameters of the tournament goes.  Hopefully I won't get eliminated in the first round as this is also an elimination tournament.

I'll post my results and my thoughts on Adepticon 2015 either tomorrow or Monday.

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