Friday, June 12, 2015

The Second Maggoth Lord, Morbidex Twiceborn

Another month has past since my last blog post.  I'll fully admit when I've been slacking on my hobby, and this past month I was not slacking.  I've actually been rather hard at work on many things and hopefully in the month of June (or July) you all will see my hard work come to fruition.  Seriously though, I've got like 4 projects that are around 75% done which is odd for me.  Usually when I start something hobby related, I either focus solely on that, or I put it up and forget about it for a few years.  Oddly enough, "The Wandering Painter" is becoming more and more truer everyday.

I know, I know.... I'm beating around the bush here.  Nobody comes here to read my random thoughts.  You've come to see miniatures... hopefully above average miniatures that will motivate you to dust off your brushes and get to work on your own projects.  Anyhew, without further delay, I present for your viewing pleasure....

The Second Maggoth Lord.... Morbidex Twiceborn


So flew it alone on this one.  No Warhammer TV to assist with color scheme, no Duncan Rhodes to show me how slow I work with his awesome British accent.  So yeah, I went it alone only going off the box art and my own imagination as far as colors went.  I decided to go with the rosy skin triad from Reaper for the maggoth beast as I thought the fair skin tones the box art used were a touch too light for my tastes.  Also, I really enjoy doing the sore skin around the cuts and infection, so I decided to put in the added effort to make him appear gross as can be which is actually fairly different from the box art.  As far as Twiceborn is concerned, I spent almost as much time painting him as I did the maggoth beast.  He had a fair amount of detail on him, and I wanted him to have a fairly clean paint job.  I'm not used to painting straight green skin, so I experimented a little bit with the color scheme and eventually went with Deathworld Forest as a base, followed by Elysian Green, followed by a fairly diluted Yriel Yellow.  With my non-art background I didn't realize that a bright yellow works great as a highlight for brighter greens.  It really gives it that pop that makes the raised surfaces stand out.

So I think up next we'll bust out some LOTRs and then return for the 3rd and final Maggoth Lord to complete the set.  I also plan on completing a few more projects that are almost done before summer ends.  I'm hoping this summer will be productive as far as my painting is concerned.  Hopefully far more productive than my last two summers.  Thanks for looking!!!

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