Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Troll Showcase

So when I first picked up my paint brushes again after 15 some odd years (which was oddly a little over 2 years ago today), the first really big projects I undertook was painting my trolls.  On a personal level, I think the trolls are awesome.  Fantastic kits that allow you to do a lot of fantastic poses, and create either Mordor or Isengard trolls.  Well, after seeing the Isengard army, that was the first army I really started painting.  So the Isengard trolls were some of my first monsters, and the Mordor trolls I've painted here and there in the past year.  So here they are....

The Isengard Trolls

The Mordor Trolls

I have about three more trolls sitting on my bench waiting to be put together and painted.  I would like to get a few more so I could create an entire warband of trolls which I think would be awesome, but that's for another day way down the line.  Too many projects to paint.  /le-sigh


  1. Nice work and clear photo's. I'm just into a band of trolls, well, not really a band, the only instrumentalist is the drummer, but there's five, so far and another two or three to come.
    I like your use of the 'spare' shoulder armour which I used on the backs on two of mine.
    My rather 'one tone' bases are because I try to indicate where my troops hail from rather than matching the battlefield.
    I note your post was a while ago so perhaps you may miss this. Are you still painting?

    1. Thanks Tony, I actually painted these my first year and a half into the hobby. Plenty of amateur mistakes, but they were a lot of fun to paint and good models to practice painting techniques on and hone one's skills. I actually have another 4 in boxes that I hope to get to eventually someday.

      I'm still around and actively check my blog. I'm currently taking a break from painting at the moment. I speed painted some Fel Wargs right before Christmas (that I never posted pics of) and got pretty burned out from it. I should be more active in the next few weeks.

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