Sunday, February 9, 2014

The magic of the lightbox

I know I had a question/comment in my comments section last post asking me about my light box.  Rather than explaining what I did in detail, I figured I'd post some pictures of the awesome job I did (note the sarcasm).

Without further delay, I present the worst looking light box ever constructed

As you can see, I'm a master builder here

Instead of making it nice, I opted for masking tape

Yep, that's an old white tshirt taped to the sides

And when I ran out of tshirt parts, I used a paper towel.  Ingenuity my friends.

Regardless to outer appearances, it's whats on the inside that counts

Don't bother asking me for measurements, since I didn't bother to measure.  The odd part is I did a fair bit of research on it one day and I incorporated all the main aspects of a light box that professional people use. 

I opted to go with the quickest and easiest route.  The box was made with regular 4mm foamboard that you can buy at any dollar store.  The white tshirt/paper towels over the light holes kills the harshness of the lights giving a softer glow inside the box.  I used daytime light bulbs because you want white light that doesn't distort the colors of your models.  3 points of entry for the light so your hitting on all sides of whatever your shooting.  I opted for a hole in the front rather than an open front because I wanted as much light as possible to bounce back into the box.  I always thought a white background was boring, so I printed some cool looking mountain and tossed a few trees to give it a natural look.  I also didn't attach the bottom to the box because.... well, I just didn't and have no explanation why.  The lights I got at the local hardware store for like $8 a pop along with the daylight flood lights.  All in all, I'd say around $40-$50 for this little setup, the light fixtures and the lights themselves being the bulk of it. 

If your using my lightbox as a guide... well, lets say I wouldn't if I were you.  There are tons of youtube videos out there with people who actually know what they're talking about to actually get tips from.  As far as mine goes, it looks like shit, but it's effective for what I need it to do.


  1. well for a simple get-er-done setup, it works really well. I like that it gives a lot more workpace than the milk jug lightbox. Thanks for the write-up!