Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Grim Hammers Part Duex

We're back again with some more dwarves.  Today I'll be showing off the newly painted 2nd box of Grim Hammers.  That puts the count at 66 dwarves total, with 14 more to go.  That's alot of dwarves for SBG and I'm well over my 750 point set goal I had.  Anyways, enough of the babbling, here are the dwarves.



So that's the latest from my Dwarf Army.  One more box of Dwarves of Erebor and three heroes and this army will be finished (until Dain and his dwarves come out).  Until next time.....


  1. very nice. Not really a dwarf player, but I'm really tempted to get a couple boxes of these and convert them into Dwarves of Erebor

    1. I think the Grim Hammer's alone get a bad rap. I originally thought these guys were a waste of points. It's true that they're not as good as Khazad Guard, but we're dealing with a completely different list than the Durin's Folk, and they're still pretty good for what your paying. If you take only Grim Hammers in a warband, they're not going to preform well. Now if you mix 2-3 in a warband of Erebor Warriors, they bring a ton of much needed killing power to the table.

      Basically what I'm getting at is (in my opinion) there really is no reason to convert these guys over to Dwarves of Erebor. In terms of gameplay, they bring much needed two handed support to a themed Army of Thror list. A two-handed piercing strike is devastating to even the most heavily armored opponent. In terms of aesthetics, they look awesome as is, but that's really in the eyes of the beholder.