Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Necromancer

For my next duo of wizards for Frostgrave, I decided to paint up The Necromancer and his apprentice from the Northstar Miniatures line.  While these are not my favorite looking models, I like the spell load out in the game for them and since I had already bought the models I decided I would paint them up and play around with painting light flesh tones.

Here are the end results.....

One thing I've learned with very light skin is you really have to thin your paints.  With most paints, a 50/50 ratio will work.  With light skin, you almost want to do like an 80/20 water to paint ratio.

Lots of black in these models and I still struggle painting black.  I guess my main issue is when trying to highlight (whether I use gray for a warm highlight or blue for a cold highlight), I have issues trying to figure out when enough is enough.  When I first started painting miniatures as an adult, that was one of my biggest hurdles.  Over highlight and you've completely changed the original color, under highlight and your model looks like shit.  Oh well, it's something I will continue to work on.

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