Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday's Game (2-2-13)

So this past Saturday I got to play 2 games over at UGG which was a lot of fun.  I also got to bust out my Watcher in the Water model which I haven't gotten the pleasure to field.

First game up was Moria vs. Rohan.  I was a little hesitant to field a bunch of goblins since I've seem them get crushed multiple times on my Mines of Moria board vs. the fellowship.  At first, it looked like I was just going to get crushed until The Watcher of the Deep showed up and basically annihilated the left side of the board.   The Dweller of the Deep looked like he was going to fall (had 1 wound left) until I got a lucky roll, grabbing one of the riders of Rohan off his horse and throwing him into Erkenbrand and a few other horsemen, basically getting all his wounds back in one go.  I think we ended up calling it in my favor after he was nearly routed.

Second Game was a quickie, playing my Isengard army vs. 4 Ents and Ghan-buri-gha.  For awhile, it seemed like a bowling game, with my Uruks being flung left and right.  After the captains got in there, I was able to get a few wounds in thanks to the new rule Epic Strike.  In the end, the Uruks were able to cut the trees down, winning by routing.

And in the spirit of cutting trees down, I decided to bust out my pack of citadel trees so I have some dead trees to go along with the Gothic Ruins I recently did.

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