Saturday, March 11, 2017

Zombie Troll/Ogre

This next model is from Mantic Games Dungeon Saga board game.  I actually never bought the board game (though I watched a few play-throughs on youtube and it looked pretty cool).  I mentioned this miniature to my friend Brent who got in on that kickstarter and had a few extra models, so he gave me this bad boy.  It was affixed to a square base that I cut off him.  It's also that soft plastic material (think reaper bones, but a little harder), though I'm not sure what it's called.  All I know is removing mold lines from it is a paint in the ass.  Either way, it's still a cool model.  Here is my attempt at painting him...

Other than the prep time going into the painting, I had a lot of fun painting this guy.  I love all the muscle and bone sticking out.  As I was painting it, it was challenging to identify where the muscle was sticking out of the skin in particular areas.  Either way, it's a really cool model.

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