Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Unfortunately, I've taken a slight sabbatical from painting this week.  I started gloss coating and matt varnishing my collection this past weekend only to find out exactly how time consuming it is, not to mention how bad of a headache I get after spraying 3 coats of over 25 miniatures in my stairwell with a mask on and the door cracked.  My Gondor army is all good to go, but on the plastic rangers and army of the undead I decided to forgo the gloss and just hit it with a single coat of the matt varnish.  I've never had an issue with paint flaking on my plastic models, so they really don't need the added protection of gloss undercoat.  Plus when it comes to nasty chemicals, I'm not a fan of doing 3 coats with a 15 minute break between coats.  I just takes far too long to get the shine from the gloss off them, so I decided that only metal models will get gloss undercoat.

On to the business at hand.  DRAGON!!!!  I had originally done this model awhile back, and I was quite pleased with my work, especially this being the first multi-part monstrous creature I ever painted.  After having glossed and dulled him, it definitely breathed a bit of life in him and I feel good about showing him off in a showcase.  Anyway, here he is in all his glory......

My fiancee wanted to get in on this one and I caved

 So that's the dragon.  I think he's a fantastic piece in my collection, and I like the fact that he has more shade and tone then the typical dragons you see out there (like on the Games Workshop box cover, which IMO is way too bright).  I would eventually like to get another one just for collection purposes to paint a different color.  Perhaps blue?  Who knows....

Hopefully later this week I'll have something new to show off rather than works I've already done awhile back.

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