Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dwarf Showcase

I've wanted to do something a little different for this post.  I've painted a bunch of models over the past two years and my ikea case is almost full.  A little while ago (like November-ish time-frame) I painted up a few models for my nephew.  Sadly, I didn't take pictures of all 25 models (including Gimli), but I did take a few.

So here's 9 of them.. pretty basic color scheme

These 3 models are still in my case.  Was playing with the color scheme a bit
Just a random pic of them I found in my phone

I think it did a decent table-top standard job on these guys.  I was still trying to get the hang of painting eyes, so they look a bit overly big.  I blame this partially on not using my magnifying headgear which I pretty much can't paint eyes without now.  I thought the blue on the cloth turned out really good.  I'd like to go back with a flesh wash on that scout on the right in the second pic when I get a chance.

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