Friday, November 15, 2013

The starting of a new unit

This past weekend really lit the fire under my ass to start painting again.  I had a blast at Bilbo's Birthday Bash, and I'd highly recommend it for any LOTR/Hobbit player looking for a fun weekend, whether your local or a flight away.  I had an awesome time, and some of the display boards were freakin' awesome.

That being said, everyone who played walked away with a bunch of cool swag, including a box set of miniatures of they're choice.  People who won awards got extra picks.  I didn't win anything, and as far as my battle prowess went, I did average.  2 major victories, 2 major defeats, 1 minor victory, 1 minor defeat.... so not as bad as I did at Adepticon 2013 where I lost every game.  Definitely some room for improvement on both the playing side and the hobbying side.  When it was my turn to go pick a goodie, I knew there was only one box I was looking for.....

Freakin Grim Hammers!!  These guys look so awesome.  I was in awe the first time I saw them in the movie, and couldn't wait to see what the models would look like.  At the time the models came out though, I was busy on other projects and couldn't justify buying them just yet due to GW discontinuing they're 24/20 boxes with only a few left being in the stores.  Being the cheap gamer that I am, I got into a buying frenzy with the old boxes, the $33 ones being #1 priority.  Somewhere along the lines, I wanted to create a hunter orc army (which I still need to paint) and basically forgot about the grim hammers entirely.  For some reason lately, I've been wanting to pick up a box, so when I saw it sitting on the table, I knew I had to snag them.

Fast forward a week later.  After finishing the Army of the Dead box I had, I wanted to paint something else.  I was browsing a few websites, I found Adepticon 2014 registrations were open.  I was a little pissed because most of the hobby seminars were sold out, but I managed to get spots for two and signed up for the LOTR/The Hobbit championships (only 1 tourny this year for LotR.... bummer), and a spot for a Freeblades game on Saturday.  I talked to one of the owners of DGS who makes Freeblades for about an hour and ended up buying 2 boxes of figs which I haven't touched yet.  I want to get atleast one of the boxes painted, and by signing up for an event it pretty much gives me the push I need to get it done.

That being said.... Grim Hammers.  Fantastic miniatures.  I spent a night putting them together and a good portion tonight cutting the slotta off they're feet.  You'll see why....

I also bought the grim hammer captain to go with them this week.  It's a cool model, except the fact that its a failcast thru and thru.  The weapon is brittle and bent, a couple air bubbles, and the finger fell off on its own so I ended up having to re-sculpt the hand.  I was tempted to pivot the hand and make him stick up his middle finger, but alas I kept it "G" rated and just sculpted the broken part.  One thing I'll say about Finecast is it forces you to hone your sculpting abilities, and if you have no sculpting abilities.... well, you'll soon develop it if you want your models to look somewhat decent.

For anyone who counted the above black models should've only noticed 11.  No, I didn't lose one.  I decided to do a test one to see what painting these guys entail.

I think the only thing I'm going to change is the belt color, probably going with a darker brown.  Mostly, these guys are pretty easy to paint.  I'll probably randomize the beard colors.  All brown beards is boring to me as a unit.  You'll also notice this is a different base than normal....


I dunno if I'm satisfied with this color, or rather the black rim.  I wanted to do an earthy tone for the ruined temple bases, as I think they look freakin sweet.  I ordered 50 of these bases after getting a trial base in my swag bag for Bilbo's B-Day Bash and really liking it.  Why so many you may ask?  Well, I think I'm going to do a Erebor army for Adepticon next year.  We'll have to see if these guys keep my interest.

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