Friday, January 17, 2014

Not as old Balin, yet still kinda old

Rapid fire update!  Well, not really... but quicker than usual.  I took the day off today because I have tons of vacation time to burn thru, and this time of year with the snow and all usually equates to not a whole lot of road construction happening.  So I spent the later morning and early afternoon putting the finishing highlights on this little guy.  Who's the little guy you may ask?  Young Balin, another fellow to go with my Army of Thror.

So this mini was quite a lot of fun to paint.  Since the model comes with him standing on a rock, I decided to add more so that you can quickly tell who he is on the battlefield.  I did have a problem with his back on the bottom left panel of his coat.  While trying to clean up some extra flash I ended up scraping some of his coat pattern off.  To counter this, I just free handed the pattern and it ended up pretty good.

And just for fun, I took a picture of Young Balin standing next to old Balin

Old Balin look a little taller, but the pose is pretty much the same.  Judging by the faces, my skill with the paintbrush has improved a bit.  It almost makes me want to redo old Balin's face.

Two more heroes and a spearman left to do and we'll have my first incantation of my 750 point army.  I have a tournament on the 25th and it'll be my first run with these guys.  Back to the painting station...


  1. I just discovered your blog - spent the past hour or so going through it from beginning to end. Awesome stuff there mate. I particularly like your Grimhammers and terrain projects. Glad to find another LOTR-hobbyist out there.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and sub. Us LotR-hobbyists definitely few and far between in this hobbying universe. I'm just surprised I have around an hour of content. Yeah, those Grimhammers turned out pretty good. Infact, I ordered another box to flesh out my Army of Thror a bit more about 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping to do some conversion work with them. Maybe turning them into Erebor Warriors or something. As far as terrain goes, expect to see another terrain project after I get this project done. Probably some Amera buildings or something.