Friday, January 3, 2014

More Warriors of Erebor

I hope everyone had a happy holiday or whatever you celebrate.  Looks like this will be the first post of 2014.  So adios to 2013 and lets get this ball rolling.  Now my original plan was to go over the goal list of 2013 and do another one for this year.  I'm still going to do that in the next few days.  Today however, I put the finishing touches on the next unit of Ereborian Dwarves.

These particular dwarves were the ones from the WIP post (I think like the post before my goblin town, you'll see it if you look).  I had a few issues getting everything to look right.  I'm still fairly new to weapon swapping and a repositioning.  I'm used to putting together and painting whatever is intended in the boxset.  Here is the finished fruits of my labor....


As I explained in the previous WIP post, the goal of this unit was to give everyone a different weapon than before.  Everyone rocking axes now had spears and previous spear holders are now rockin' axes.  With this unit being done, I'm looking at one more box of these guys, and some hero characters.  I might get 1 more box of both Warriors of Erebor and Grim Hammers in case I might want to do a bigger game with this theme army.  This particular army is definitely a labor of love.


  1. Those are some mighty fine fruits of labor and love, mr Godwin!

    And if you ever want to waste some time with a bigger game, you know there's a beautiful system called War of the Ring ;)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Personally I think I spend way too much time on each individual one. For some reason, I hate batch painting and get burnt out too quickly when I try.

      I actually have the hardback WotR rulebook (haven't picked up Battlehosts yet). I've browsed it and it looks fun, but sadly none of my local hobby buddies play. Actually, I'd have to ask around. SBG seems to be the current flavor for the time being.