Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Saruman (Orthanc)..... yep, the white guy on the horse

For some odd reason, I've always really loved this model.  I've had him for a long time just sitting on my shelf waiting for some brush time and after painting a few dozen dwarves, I felt I deserved to get a crack at him.  I also wanted to experiment with using cork as a basing material.  Now I've done the few rocks here and there with cork before, but I've never mounted a model on cork before... so this was rather new for me.

Also as of recently (as you may have noticed), my pictures seem to be giving off weird line marks in the background.  To prevent this, I bought the ebay special camera at 90% off and I'm still trying to figure out how to use the damn thing.  I also created a little light box that still needs a bit of tweeking.  So, same model, in my partially constructed light box, with my new camera....

I'm not sure which pictures I like better.  I might print out a background tomorrow at work and give it a go again.  I think the green kind of saturates the picture, but also adds a cool soft color.  I still need to add another light on the right side.  Either way, the model still looks pretty cool, and I'm definitely digging the cork base.

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  1. Sorry to say I occasionally suffer form the same lines and I can almost promise you it's from your lights.

    florescent lights, with a badly shielded condenser. my painting lamps are cheap ikea flouros and they cause this, its very noticable on video sadly.....