Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Oakenshield Rises!!

As the title would suggest, the next model I'll be showcasing here will be Thorin Oakenshield of the young persuasion.  Again, not many people have posted any examples of this particular model on the interwebs, so I had to kind of do my own thing on this little guy.  In keeping with theme of the Army of Thror, I wanted to make this model a bit more unique than others.  Take a gander....

I think you can tell right away what I did.  Yep, that's Azog's arm in which Thorin detaches from him during the Battle of Eastgate, one of the most iconic battles in all of the Tolkin universe... next to Helm's Deep and The Battle of Pelennor Fields of course.  I thought the pose would do justice to such an iconic moment.  I wanted to do more blood spraying, but I lack the ability/skill to create that.  All in all, it adds a nice personal touch to the piece overall.

As far as technical painting goes, I wanted to experiment with sharper edge highlights.  His blue tunic is a perfect example of this.  I really like the effect it gave, so I'll probably be doing more of this.  I also used the sharper highlight technique with the freehand work on the trimming.

Now, what's left to do?  Well, Thror himself, and Thrain.  I haven't decided if I want to pick up Thrain the Broken for this particular army.  Who am I kidding?  I'll end up picking him up.  I slso have my last box of Warriors of Erebor to do which I'm a little over halfway done.

As far as my tournie this upcoming Saturday goes, Thrain will be leading it with a bit more Grim Hammers then I intend on including in my Adepticon army.  It'll be good practice to see how these guys role against the random armies of Middle Earth.

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