Friday, January 18, 2013

Aragorn Face Fix

So a few days ago when I was putting my collection back into the glass case, I noticed (well rather re-noticed since I've seen it before) that my Aragorn models face was chipped at the nose.  What pissed me off about it was the fact that I coated him with a good layer of Vallejo Matt Medium after I finished him to give him a good seal, yet the paint still chipped.  Also, out of all the Games Workshop Aragorn sculpts, this one is my favorite.  I brought him back to my work bench and I figured one day I'd touch of the paint, maybe do a little brush on primer followed by a quick shade and a highlight.  Upon further notice, I realized that I really messed his face up when I finished him.  His eyes were way too big, and I hadn't watered down my base coat shade which caused I massive buildup which looked terrible when I put him under the magnifying light.

I decided to take a sewing pin to his face, and scrape the buildup off and just redo his entire face.  The rest of the paint job looked nice, so I didn't want to strip all the paint.

T-1000 Aragorn Model

This was my first time trying this method, and on a metal miniature, it worked pretty good.  I wouldn't recommend doing this method on a plastic or resin mini since you'll end up warping the details.

Afterwards, I placed some black reaper brush on primer and repainted the face and a bit of the hair.  I think it turned out pretty good.

He now has a face again.

So yeah, I learned something tonight.  I also haven't been using the Vallejo Matt Medium lately on my mini's.  I've found that a good coat of GW's purity seal works pretty decent as long as you give the paint ample time to dry before you spray them (I usually let them sit overnight).  On a side note, I've also been working on the rest of the Goblin Town and I've gotten a pretty good amount done.  No pictures yet...

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