Thursday, January 17, 2013

Uruk-Hai Captains

So about 2 days ago I made my presence known on a local hobby forum and I made a couple new friends.  I really had no idea that there was really anyone in the local area that played LOTR:SBG, but apparently there is a pretty kickin community up in Kenosha, and that is quite awesome.  Most people around here are pretty into Warhammer 40k, and while it looks appealing, I'd rather play something a bit more medieval with swords and magic.  Sadly, after watching a few Warhammer Fantasy games, the whole rank and file with massive armies just seemed really unappealing to me.  I want to interact with terrain on a single model scale and Warhammer Fantasy just really doesn't allow you to do that.  Plus, with all the models, and seemingly one guy not being very important, it just feels like a lot of busy work.  I guess that's the reason the skirmish type games are the ones I play.

So yesterday during lunch I started making some army lists for my Isengard force, trying to compile the most bang for my buck and came up with a few lists of different point variations.  I ran into a little problem though.  I was short on painted Uruk-Hai Captains.  Well it just so happened that I bought a few a while back in case this scenario did pop up.


I won't lie though, I kind of did these in a hurry because I was hoping to catch a game today, but unfortunatly I'm the only person that showed up with an army.  No worries though, as I got to check out the store in Prairie Ridge which to my amazement is less than 20 minutes away.  When your crossing state lines, it just has the feel of being far to me.  Oh, here are the after shots...

 I think they turned out pretty good considering I kind of rushed them.  I might go back and touch up a few details and add a white hand to the breast plate on the guy on the left.

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