Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gothic Ruins

So last night I was in Unique Gifts and Games grabbing some supplies like paint, paintbrushes, latest White Dwarf, ect.  They have a pretty good selection of most hobby related stuff, plus I love the fact that they have 3rd party terrain like Gale Force 9 stuff, and random companies the average gamer has never heard of.  They have this end-cap full of odds and ends of terrain stuff, and I found this one product from pegasus hobbies.

I found this little jewel which I've seen online before but never really gave much thought about picking it up.  For a little over $20, I though "Hey, why not?".  So in the end, I ended up buying this box set.

After cracking it open, it definitely looked like it would be a fun little weekend project.  The directions were pretty bad and generalized.  As with most terrain, the mold line had to be cleaned up and a few of the pieces weren't the correct ones (like they added too many pillars with slots and not enough pillars with no slots).  So I ended up having to do a bit of work to make it look good.

As you can see, there were tons of gaps and I had you use a bit of green stuff to make it look decent.  I think I spent almost 3 hours filling gaps and seams.  I also added extra green stuff to the 2nd floor platforms along with some fine sand to give it more texture.  I also put sand on on the top of the structures and on some of the broken pillars.

I probably should of spray painted it instead of just basing it black, but unfortunately, its cold and wet outside and that tends to not work too well.  So I based it in black paint, and dry brushed it grey colors.  Here is how it turned out.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty good.  I'm probably going to base it tomorrow with tiles and all.  I also want to add some balsa wood to it to add a walkway from one piece to the other and a ramp from the ground level to one of the platforms.  I think this will work pretty well with both LOTR:SBG and one of the dilapidated buildings for Mordheim.

My final verdict, I'm going to give this product a B.  It was fun to paint, the amount of green stuff to fill the gaps was a bit much, the directions were crap, and the mismatched pieces that came with the set was a bit absurd.

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