Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Greenstuff Bases

So last night after I posting about my green stuff bases, I checked to see how the green stuff was curing and it was pretty solid.  So, I decided to pour the mold before bed so I could start working on these bases all day tomorrow without having to worry about the 4-6 hour dry time for the mold.  Here is how it turned out 


I think it turned out pretty good, other than the fact that everything is bunched up to the left.  I was worried this morning about wrecking the mold because I forgot to hit the originals with mold release before I poured it.  Alas, everything turned out pretty good with minimal air bubbles.  I had to muscle a few of the legos off the side, but everything turned out pretty good.

As for the plastic that I'm using, its this stuff....

Smooth-Cast 300.  Its pretty good stuff.  It cures in a little under 10 minutes.  You can purchase this stuff and Mold Star 15 at for around $25 for the 2 part Smooth Cast and $30 for the 2 part Mold Star.

 As far as the casting goes, the mold I made cast pretty well.  I screwed up at the bottoms because I didn't scrape the top of the mold, but that can be rectified easily.  Since these were the test ones, I wanted to paint them up to see how the details hold.

I took this picture because I wanted to show the masters with the cast ones with a paint job.  The details looked pretty good.  As far as the paint job goes, it looks a little too stoney and bland to me, but I went with a straight grey pattern to white because I wanted to really see the details and how they pop with a strong highlight.  When I repaint these, when I go from my dark to my mid grey tone, I'm going to do a quick reddish brown (doombull brown) and a mid-tone brown (mournfang brown) in between to give it a more earth tone.  Stone work (even cobblestone) is not straight grey.  It has a brownish and even greenish tones in it as well as your grey and white tones.

I would've casted a bunch more today, but I was working on my ikea glass case in where I put my finished miniatures.  I've pretty much run out of room, so I'm adding more shelves.  I went to a glazier on friday, and I'm having 3 more shelves made which will be in on tuesday.  I mounted the brackets today which will hold the new shelves to the frames and I had to find an alternative area to put my miniatures till the new shelves come in.  I'll post some pictures when the new shelves come in.

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