Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Hobbit Pt.1

So lets kick this blog off with something interesting and fun..............

About a month ago I picked up this box set from my local GW store.  For a $125+ tax, you get 36 Goblins, 1 goblin captain, Grinnah (special named goblin), the goblin king, the goblin scribe with platform, Thorin's Company (total of 13 dwarves, Gandolf, and Bilbo). Since this was a "special edition" box set, it also came with Radagast with a custom base (which I thought was pretty cool).  You also get some terrain which includes a throne for the goblin king which is actually a fancy toilet from the looks of it (I'm not even kidding), 4 plank walkways and 2 wooden platforms.  You also get the small rules booklet which is pretty much similar to the one that came in the Mines of Moria box set along with a beginners guide which shows you the basics of a game (also similar to the Mines of Moria box set).  So a total of 56 miniatures, some terrain, and a small rulebook.  Not a bad deal.

Needless to say, I bought this the day it came out along with a hardback rules book.  I have most of it painted up.  I took a little break from it to tackle my Citadel Realms of Battle Board which I'll show off in a later blog.  I'd finish it up completely this week but I'm taking a slight break from painting to play Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.  I digress...

Here are all 36 Goblins

Here is a closer view of them
and another angle
And here is Thorin's Company (all 15 of them)

I'm not going to lie, but I really had fun painting these.  The last few Goblin's started wearing on me, but after my first couple test ones I started doing them in blocks of 5-7 and completed them rather quickly.  As for the dwarves, they took a little longer and I spent alot of time on each one, trying a few new techniques and even busted out my magnifying glass to try and do the eyes.

And these are the last 5 mini's left to do.  I started to paint the goblin king, but for some reason he started getting spackled with dry paint still stuck in my large drybrush.  I started to justify it in my head, but he just looked terrible so he took a little swim in some simple green over the weekend.  I'll have to redo the seam-lines with green stuff again.  I haven't even started on the scribe yet and I really want to make the Goblin captain and Grinnah pop, so I planned to put some extra time into them.  As for Radagast, I think hes going to have to wait.  After I get the last 4 gobo's done, the terrain needs to be primed and painted, so Radagast is going to have to wait.  I've also been eying my unpainted Gondor army for quite some time, so that'll be coming up hopefully in the near future.

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