Monday, January 21, 2013

Gondor Pt 2

So I was pretty busy over the weekend.  I played a few games over at the Games Workshop Prairie Ridge (2 to be exact).

One of the games was 2 vs 2, 1200 points vs 1200 points on a 4x4 table.  I brought out my Isengard (Mauher with 12 uruk-hai scouts w/shields, 8 uruk-hai with 4 uruk-hai beserkers, and 11 orcs with an Isengard Troll) for that game and I teamed up with some dude rocking Morannon Orcs with a troll chieftain and a two contingencies of Goblin Town goblins with the Goblin King being proxied as a second troll chieftain (I know, a 40mm base being subed as a 60mm base, but the other guys were cool with it, so I'm not complaining).  Our opponents consisted of part of the white council (Gandolf, Radagast, and Sauraman oddly enough) with 12 warriors of the dead (king included), white knight with 5 (or 6) rangers, 6 knights of Minas Tirith with Aragorn (king version) mounted.

Sadly, the only miniatures that were painted were mine, along with the army of the dead (not based) and the 3 wizards (also not based).  Here are a few snapshots I took mid-game.

Gandolf Surrounded after I cut thru the Knights of Minas Tirith.  It literally took 3 turns to kill him though

The east side of the board right when the Army of the Dead line started to collapse.

The board was stacked on my side (west) and my teammate placed his Morannon unit way too far east during setup.

It was a fun game and its been a few weeks since I played, so it was refreshing to play against some new people.  We ended up over running them in the end, resulting in both Gandolf and Sauramon's death.  We had around 80 models and they had a little under 30.  I kept feeding Aragorn a troop a turn which kept him out of the action.  It was actually my first time playing the new rules, so it was fun.

I also played a Goblin Town scenario game which was fun.  They had about 6 sets of Goblin Town terrain set up so it was also alot of fun.  I played the Goblins and I pretty much ended up throwing all the heavy hitting dwarves off the edge of the platform (Dwalin, Gloin, and Thorin)  with the Goblin King.  He tried to lessen the goblin load in the beginning by spreading out instead of going straight for his weapons which ended up being a big mistake.  I also won the roll for placing Gandolf and I placed him out in no-mans land, so by the time he showed up I had already killed 5-6 dwarves.  Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures of that game.

As for regular hobbying, I took a little break on sunday opting to play the new mini-expansion for X-Com Enemy Unknown.  I got a little done today since I had the day off.

I started working some more on my Minas Tirith army, finishing up some of the bases and drilling into the minis so they could be put on my paperclip rig.  I also got two of them completely, opting to take my time and experiment with the colors before I really start to crank them out.

Same Archer from the previous picture above this one

They're actually a real easy color scheme to follow.  The faces are a little hard to paint due to the helmets, but overall they're not too bad.  I also have them pinned into the bases, so unless someone either steps on them or sits on them, they're not coming off.   My goal is to finish a warband by the end of this week.  We'll see how it goes.

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