Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 goals

So even though we're already halfway thru January, I thought it would be a good idea to write some hobby goals down for this year.  I've noticed a lot of other people have been doing this, and I really like the idea in a hobby sense.  At the end of the year (pending if I'm still blogging at that point), I want to return to this thread and see what I've accomplished.  So without further ado....
  1. Finish the Goblin Town Box Set (Completed)
  2. Marry my gf/fiancee of 8 years  (Aug. 31st) (Completed)
  3. Paint a 1000 point Gondor Army (Completed)
  4. Paint a 600 point Rohan Army
  5. Finish up my Isengard Army  (N/A)
  6. Finish up my Mordor Army (N/A)
  7. Push my general orc total to 72 models (I think I'm in the 40's at this moment)
  8. Experiment more with conversions (Completed)
  9. Paint a 600 point Elven Army
  10. Finish painting my Garden of Morr Cemetery that is half done.
  11. Get more involved with the gaming community (Completed? Sorta)
  12. Become a better painter by working on my weaknesses (Completed? Sorta)
Now I don't think this is impossible, but I did set the bar pretty high and I'm almost certain I won't get everything accomplished on my list, but these are goals rather than "to-do or else" item.  I know throughout the year other hobby priorities will pop up, but that's okay.  As of right now, this is what I'm aiming for

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